What is environmentally friendly?
Ecological textiles are made from fibers that have been grown
Without pesticides or any other chemicals. They are naturally
Resistant to mildew and they are antibacterial. Hemp, flax,
Ramie and bamboo are all ecological textiles.
Bamboo is a renewable natural material; 100%
Biodegradable, it grows without the need for pesticides or
chemical products. Bamboo grows extremely fast,
One foot a day!
After being harvested, the bamboo is transformed into a
Chemical transformation. The bamboo plant is first crushed,
Then with the help of natural enzymes the bamboo will turn into
pulp. Finally, the fiber will be combed and spun. Processed bamboo
According to this process is often called linen bamboo.
Bamboo fiber is naturally antibacterial,
Hypoallergenic and body temperature regulating. She is
Also resistant to mildew. It is a tissue that breathes and
Leaves moisture and perspiration evaporate due to its composition
Porous material. The bamboo drapes very well and has a very soft touch
Similar to silk or cashmere.
Our bamboo is naturally ecological, but is not
*** Bamboo Viscose (RAYONNE DE BAMBOO)

The other way to produce bamboo is chemical, regenerating
Cellulose and thus creating viscose bamboo.
All tissues produced with cellulose, be it bamboo,
Plants or trees, are considered rayon (viscose).
Viscose bamboo is considered ecological as its source
Primary is naturally renewabl